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Thursday, 14 September 2006



You've got the start of a book here.

This woulda been gold 19 years ago.


Good stuff. Creativity goes a long way toward smoothing the transition from kidless to kidness.

I've stopped Ben in his tracks with some of my stern looks. Very effective (but we slip and yell sometimes).

Indeed, as Rick said, you could add more, maybe throw in some missteps, things you would have done/are doing differently, anecdotes, and you could sell it.

The figure eight trick sounds so cool, I almost wish we had a baby again.



You have to be careful when you write posts like this that the gods of parenting hubris don't strike you down with some kind of unexpected impossible new behaviors on the part of your offspring that remain immune to all your efforts.

It happened to me, it could happen to you. Just a fair warning is all I'm saying...


I think you should offer to sacrifice a chicken, or maybe a jack russell terrier. seriously.


I think Marian makes an excellent point. There are always those curve balls to watch out for. Her second comment was priceless...


Ahhh...the 'sleeping glasses'.
Passed to us from my father from his mother...and on and on...
"Round and round, round and round, down behind the years, across the nose, round and round, round and round, time to go to sleep my dear"
Good to hear they still work.


**down behind the ears


Wow...we parent a lot alike! Though I never had boob cubes. Pumping wasn't my thing.

Cheeseburger Brown

Dear Simon,

A delightful and contagion-worthy collection! Many of your tips, I might add, are also mainstays in our own household.

I will add this: we have a song for all occasions, so when a child has forgotten a step in their routines (brushing teeth, for example), we prompt for a recitation.

I can proudly boast that my "Days of Week" song is not only a big hit, but also bilingual.

Finally, I compose counting songs about anything that can be counted. When I take my daughter up to bed, for example, we count the sixteen steps. Every few days we change it up, to discuss how "four fours make sixteen" or "two eights make sixteen" or that "sixteen is ten and then six more."

So, much earlier than I did, my daughter is confident in her definitions of both "factor" and "multiple."

Cheeseburger Brown


Hyland's Teething Tablets! They were my greatest find with my third son. They are all natural and melt instantly in baby's mouth. Yeah, I tried one just to be sure he wouldn't choke on it. They are great and they really work.

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