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Monday, 11 September 2006



2 simple reasons not to blog-read while hair is dangling in front of one's eyes:
* "wee-est bairn" looks like "wee bastard"
* "timorous ticklings" looks like "amorous ticklings"
My hair is now tucked safely behind my ear and the world makes sense again. :)


I guess we were just heartless bastidges. Even through colic, our kid never spent one night in our bed. I know the feeling, though, from the times I've napped with Ben. At that point, it's usually met with a little frustration, because it means he's not going to be napping that day. I dreaded feeling Ben's tiny fingers exploring my ear or my eye (the latter which he sometimes gave a nice poke). Now, though, he just tells us he doesn't want to go to sleep.


Love that. I will tell you though, there is ONE thing even better and that is when you're nursing a baby and they are looking up into your eyes and they blink and smile and try not to break the "seal" of their suckling. Nothing like it. I wish you could experience that. Sometimes they will pull their mouth away, grin at you for all they're worth and then remember what it was they were doing and forget you're even there...

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