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Monday, 25 September 2006



Sex toy parties are fun. I've been to a couple for stagette parties. The hightlight was the fluorescent pink dildo that looked a little like a one-armed cactus. The arm was shaped like a dolphin, and the base of the whole thing contained several rows of pearls that rotated when it was turned on.

WHat puzzled me (other than the dolphin) was the multitude of buttons. Seems to me one would be to...occupied to work the controls.

Much fun was had by all, though.


Tasha, I hesitated before writing this, but I have seen that (or a similar) model before, and I know what the dolphin's for.

the Mater

My dear Simon, obviously your next birthday will hold some surprises, eh?! And then you can blog and join me in the "unusual birthday presents" club.

The gifts that keep on giving ...


Oh, I know what the dolphin's for too. Not that I bought one.


Sorry your boys were sick. Glad you and the lady of the house avoided it.

Now I know how to get more women involved in my blog -- write a post about a dildo, and the women will come out of the woodwork.


My name is Alvis and I am addicted to Half-Life 2. I feel your pain.

Oh, and I do not know this Mark character. No siree, Bob.

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