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Friday, 08 September 2006



"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure dome decree...."

Perhaps you could subdivide and add a shag-carpeted loft for Dex in the upper storeys.

Nice job, Simon! But I wonder if this isn't potentially paving the way to a new Via Dolorosa of home improvement vexations for you: if you can throw up this splendid edifice (and almost overnight), why not a lavish new bathroom annex, appointed in more than Oriental Splendour?


Ya see...being a wife myself I know that a man should NEVER show their crafty side or we will take advantage of it. I see closet organizers, shelves, and new bathtub installations in your furture.

Great job on the dog house!!


Nicely done!

I like the new banner, too.


You should be so proud! Your trove of talent is just bottomless, dude. I have a copy of the pic of dogs playing poker that's just rolled up on a shelf in my studio if you want it to frame and hang in the game room of the Mahal.
I might go check out Rick, his writing is on a par with yours...


Looksa goot! I'll throw up a couple pictures of mine in it's present "almost finished" state.

I also like the new banner.


I'm very impressed. I've never built anything that would reliably house living creatures.

Now, getting the dogs to use it is a whole "'nother" story.


Rick, the basement is in sad need of reparations first, ere our growing family split the seams on the britches, as it were. Thither must we next wend our way.

Terri, the warning is too little, too late. Darn you. But since I'm a guy, I probably would have ignored you anyway. (Darn me.)

Linda, thanks. And actually, Rick has more than a dash more panache than I. You should.

Paul, I've been waiting to see further pics of Shadow's new digs. (Mine's just going to be dragged (drug?) into a level patch of dirt rather than built on separate pads of gravel.)

Mark, getting it away from Declan so that dogs can use it is going to be the whole 'nother story. Sheesh!


Karen (Mavarin) left a comment on my journal that I thought belonged better here. She said: "If Shadow ever sits or lies on the roof, buy him a root beer and post the picture!" I laughed, because I had almost commented here that your dog house looked just like Snoopy's

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