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Thursday, 07 September 2006



Does Dex like the vacuum cleaner? Max used to get all crazy and do a wild song and dance every time I ran the vacuum. Eventually he insisted on vacuuming himself. This was odd because ordinarily he hated loud noises of any kind. Something about the frequency of the vacuum.

Anyway, good luck with the doghouse, and great photos, as always. Especially thinking of you crammed into the tiny bathtub.


Thanks for the Morning Jollies, Si. You make even the most mundane daily events read like great literature. Not to imply that your "project" is trivial in any way! Good luck with that.
Great pictures. I love Dex's chubby toes. And great fold-job, Tav!
Rub-a-dub-dub... captured perfectly AND tastefully, I might add.

Cheeseburger Brown

Dear Simon,

One of the advantages of having my daughter sleep in a loft is that -- in extreme cases of tantrumitis -- one has the option of simply removing the ladder and thus effectively caging the child.

In these rare circumstances I usually find her asleep on the floor, her face as close to the hatch as she force it, having whimpered herself to dreaming.

Cheeseburger Brown

alec lynch

My wife's old dog used to be terrified of the vacuum...until the day he accidentally came into contact with the nuzzle. After an initial moment of panic he realized the vacumum was actually the perfect dog massager and from that day on cleaning the house become more difficult as the large Dalmation insisted on plopping itself down in front of the vacuum for a good rub everytime he heard it.


I still can't believe how much longer simple projects take with a toddler. It's absolutely unreal. Great post.


Don't know how I forgot to check your blog until now. Nice work on the planning, and you finally got some cutting done.

Tonight I barely got to go workout, because Ben was wailing and his mommy had a no good, awful, very bad day (or however it goes). Finally, he acquiesced and had a great time at the Y's Child Watch while I pumped my arms and legs on one of the Episcopal... I mean, reprical... no, I mean elliptical "bikes."

Working with wood? Tried it once... got fired. Thank you. I'll be here all week.



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