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Tuesday, 05 September 2006



That Tag Team you've got there is a wonderful thing!!!

Pics of the dog house please!


Nice banner. My wife already has informed me that she misses the banner I had, so I might reinstate it.

The dogs' role in the puke cleanup made me glad I wasn't drinking morning coffee while reading this. Kind of like the Tic-Tac line in CBB's latest story, that detail really made me feel "there" (but it wasn't quite as pleasant in this case).

If I posted pictures of my meager addition of flooring to my attic, then you certainly must show off your progress on the dog house. I'm impressed that you are building an entire... umm... building, all by your lonesome.


Um, isn't this your penultimate holiday of the year, since you'll be absconding off work for two whole days in November?


Sounds like the dogs and Tavish are living in happy symbiosis, so no need to avert your blushing gaze. Plus they're getting a new upscale urban home into the bargain.


Paula, I'm technically classing this as my last holiday of the year since the November thing will, in my mind, just be a long weekend. I'm anal about labeling things that way.


I laughed. I cried. At the same time.

For some reason, it's all too familiar.

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