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Wednesday, 20 September 2006



Simon - It says "This video is no longer available" when I try it. Wah.


There was a blurb on YouTube's site about the site going down for maintenance at 8 p.m. PDT. Maybe your video was a casualty of that.


So cute :-) I freakin' love my DSL.


I LOVE this one! And I really don't see Declan ignoring Tavish. Watch his left hand. There are still very much in touch.


Ah, Marian. You pick up on what makes it REALLY eerie!


It's obvious the television was on - ALL kids go into automaton mode with that, but I also spotted the surreptitious handholding. He's quite present. So you also were always there to support Aaron too despite apparent disengagement?


Paula, it's more a reflection of the relationship we share now than the rather more antagonistic one that characterised our youth. If our boys can be 30 years ahead of where I was, then all the better.


Watch Declan's left hand though, there lies the brotherly bond :-)


The left hand is always the one to watch.


I finally got to see it.

Interesting how Dex is so into it until his gaze hits the TV. But, then he becomes aware again with the hand, and then chuckles a bit, obviously in response to something Tavish did.

Dem boys is in for some amazing and trying times.


I noticed the hand right away and didn't mention it cause I thought it was so obvious and part of what you were conveying. (eeriness) It's way more than eerie, it's what it's all aboot. Like a bond that exists from the conscious clear down into the subconscious where the primal, innate stuff kicks in.

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