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Thursday, 28 September 2006



Great photos, and it sounds like you had a great time. That maze trumps the hay-bale maze Ben and I took on earlier in the week. I'm pretty sure it would have taken him more than two minutes to figure out this one.

This spot blends about three works into one: The Shining, the post's title, and Field of Dreams.


I don't suppose there was a minotaur wearing a Carolina Hurricanes jersey roaming the paths?

The pics are amaizeing by the way.


Smyth is not....well..yah...he is. But man..what a good hockey player!!! When he got that shot in the mouth I cringed. OUCH!

Corn maze looks AWESOME! May have to take our kids to the Saskatoon one.


Looks like fun. Except that I'm bitter that Declan looks to be the same size as Luke! And, well, I don't think Ryan Smyth USED to be ugly (Marc went to school with him, tho' Ryan was a couple years older), he's just pretty beat up. You have to admit there are MUCh uglier in the NHL!!


That looks like an - excuse the initially unforeseen pun - amazing maze. The trouble is, I think it'd be too easy to give me some "Signs"-like frights if I ventured very far into it.


I was going to make a Shining allusion, but didn't want to detract from the pics of the boys.

I laughed, not (only) at your joke, but at the latent realisation that your spelling mistake was intentional.

Dixie & Terri,
I don't know what it is with Canadian chicks and hockey players, but there seems to be something that glosses over their poor choice of hair styles and finds the attraction anyway. Go figger.

I hadn't even thought of "Signs" when we went into it, too intent on The Shining and its maze. Not too sure which would be the preferable nightmares of that duo...


That is, liek, the coolest crop circle evar!!111 Who knew the aliens were Oilers fans?

the Mater

Omigosh. Is this what you Canadians do for fun?! LOL

The boys are registering a 10+ for cuteness factor. And I especially love the one of you and Tav!

So, happy Halloween already. Er, maybe it's just a rural thing ... I now think we may be taking the girls to a corn maze walk in Vermont.

A maze ing grace. Beautiful family.

Cheeseburger Brown

Dear Simon,

That's stinkin' cool. As you may or may not recall, I am a particular fan of mazes, myself. Kudos to the Albertans!

Also, you've got a lot of cuteness on your hands there.

Cheeseburger Brown


Nice pictures and looks like a fun outing.

2.5 metres of corn, eh? I remember in my elementary school days, back in the seventies, all the math lessons we had on the metric system. We were constantly reminded that it would be important for us to know it because some day the US would switch to it. As if...

Anyway, cute children and a beautiful wife.

Hazel Hazel

The pictures are awesome. Those corn mazes are popping up around here. I'm going to have to borrow me some kids and go try it out. (I would get lost by myself.)


Looks like such fun. I'd still be lost in there. But then I get lost easily. Hard to believe how big the boys are getting.


I'm a Puck...what can I say!

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