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Wednesday, 09 August 2006



Happy anniversary! What a lovely photo :-)


Hey! A pic of you two together. Very nice.

That traditional garb is great, Simon. It seems that, compared to white Americans, a larger percentage of white Canadians honor their European roots. That's not to say there's anything wrong with roots of another ethnicity. Just that it's a shame that we seem to have become convinced that to be American means to forget any hint of our origin. Oh no, I feel a post coming on.


More than like, I'll wager. Happy anniversary!


Mark, one of the things I've noticed in my few travels in the US is the prevalence of a 'melting pot' culture, where Canada exhibits more of a cultural mosaic. That's too broad a brush stroke to apply generally, since the truth for both countries lies somewhere in the middle, but I don't think it's an inaccurate observation.



So just think, after 15 years you should have five houses, ten cars, ten dogs, and ten amazing boys! ;)

(Which one of those is the scariest thought?)



Ten dogs.


Hey, Happy Anniversary!

(Just one question: At some point at your reception was there a "Piper down! I repeat a piper is down!") ;)


Great Picture!!! You guys look stunning. There is always something about a man in a kilt.

We will be celebrating 10 years this October and it still feels like we are newlyweds.


Happy Anniversary to a Beautiful pair. May you always be as productive and content. :-)


Happy Anniversary!

The thing that may her please
My body sall fulfill;
whatever her disease,
It does my body ill.
My bird, my bonny ane,
My tender babe venust
My luve, my life alane,
my liking and my lust....

Alexander Scott

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