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Friday, 18 August 2006



Good. We'll be looking forward to the talk arounds.

Something in here makes me think of Sir Boyle Roche, an Irish MP who was apparently the Yogi Berra of the 18th Century, famous for his malapropisms. The one that comes to mind reflecting on the parental experience is "Happy are the parents with no children.," but I'm fond too of "little children who could neither walk nor talk were running around cursing their maker."

Parenting: it's the ultimate extreme sport.


I, obviously, think about the same things as you do, almost every minute, somewhere in the back of my brain. I was lent this book, "Making the Terrible Twos Terrific". The authors essential philosophy is that parenting went to the dogs after WWII, when families relocated father from each other, and the extended families weren't there to give advice to newbies on how to raise kids. At that point, there was an influx of professionals, who may or may not have had kids, available to give advice. It turned from something instinctual and multi-generational, to something very theoretical.

I don't want to take away from the usefulness of professionals, but I do want to say that using one's parents' parenting techniques has been done, SUCCESSFULLY, for many, many years.

It was an eye opening read. I look forward to your musings and insight.


Ah yes, and one reason I don't say much about parenting out here, either.

But, that said, I also find myself almost weekly realizing the value of some of my parents' methods.


Thanks for the link. I find it difficult enough to talk around a teenaged son and the fact that just about everyone we know reads my blog but refrains from ever commenting or saying anything about it except to each other. Goddam lurkers. Once in a while I feel like screaming. But otherwise I try to look at the self-imposed restraint as being good for me.

Here's your payment for that linky:

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