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Thursday, 10 August 2006



A rather nice little Anniversary gift ... Nothing like a new car smell and increased mobility to make a woman frisky, you might be in luck after all. Works for me ;-)


Did I miss it? What did you buy? I LOVE vehicle shopping. When we bought new last year I am pretty sure if Hubster would have let me I would have slept in it sans clothing. LOVE THAT SMELL!


Way cooler than a minivan.

I should know.


Good for you guys. And your guys. And your other guys. If you don't know what I mean, then just ignore it.

Are you going to take the blue pill or the red pill?


Sweet car..and I agree...tint the windows. Much better for the kidlets. We have our windows tinted on both the Xterra and the Altima. LOVE THEM TINTED!


Mark, I'm pretty sure I know what all your 'guys' mean. And it'll be the red pill. I'm all about finding out how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Such fun to have a new car. Especially a new Toyota. And I don't get the red pill, blue pill thing. Somebody clue me in?


Is it Alice in Wonderland?


The red/blue thing is a reference to the movie, "The Matrix", where the hero had to choose between taking the red pill, and finding out the truth, or the blue pill, and continuing to live in ignorance. He was goaded with the line, "Take the red pill and find out how far the rabbit hole really goes," alluding to Alice in Wonderland.


Thanks for the explanation, that was buggin' me... Yeah, I watched the Matrix movies. No, I can't remember shit. I opted for blue... it was so pretty.

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