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Sunday, 27 August 2006



Tavish keeps looking up at the camera with that "please, save me" look in his eyes.


I can't watch these precious little shows with my incredibly primitive dial-up. It drives me crazy every time you put one up. Have DSL ordered. When it's hooked up, you can bet I'll be over here scouring your archives for footage of the darlin's.


God. Dex is going to be a great older brother. Those two will have some fun.


Finally, some of Tavish's world-famous spitting up is captured on film!

Cheeseburger Brown

My daughter has become the morality police. Clued in to my son's delight a few days ago at discovering his own genitals, she now admonishes him in advance: "Don't squish your bits!"

The caring is there but there's also a certain zeal at being an authority. She enjoys being able to tell somebody other than her teddy bear what does and does not make the cut for acceptible behaviour.

Let that be a lesson to us all: "Don't squish your bits!"

Cheeseburger Brown


Amy and I keep telling ourselves that as well. But we're terrified that we're jinxing it.

I thought that Dex would be distracting enough for that to slip past unnoticed since it was so subtly expelled. Trust your maternal sight to pick it up though.

Seeing them all at once, when you have the chance, might be overload. Pace yourself; for our sake.

Even I am amazed at our eldest's entrancement with his nethers. I can already see both boys comparing notes when the infant is old enough to pull his peter alongside his brother. We'll have to watch them when they're bathing together.


Very fond memories come flooding back to when my two "liked" one another. At 5 and 3 they are already fighting a good portion of the day away.


That's great, and makes me a little sorry that we're leaning toward not having another kiddo.

Loved the spit-up moment. Tav really thought he was sneaking that one in there, since you were busy running the camera.

Ever since we moved Ben from diapers to underwear, he will not leave his peter alone for more than about. We're too American to say, "Don't squish your bits," but I like it and might start using it. Sounds a little better than, "Let go of your penis."


That's so cute I could just puke.

Just kidding.

It's sweet.


That should read, "for more than about five seconds."

Hazel Hazel

The cuteness is almost unbearable. Don't you wish you could keep them that little forever?

I wish I could spit up that easily.


FINALLY I have my DSL. This was so damn adorable. I am going to spend the next half an hour or so watching Dex and Tav clips. I promise not to comment on every one of them...


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