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Friday, 25 August 2006



Oooh, la-la! Grown-ups!!! Don't talk with your mouth full, your napkin goes on your lap and not tucked in your collar and for gadsakes, don't cut up your neighbor's food. And have a really, REALLY good time for us.


The upside to having grandparents in the same town as you is that once a month you can ceremoniously dump the bundle of joy on them and go out on a date. Preferably with your spouse.


You took cabs home? Cabs, plural?


This is good news, but a little not good, because you guys must avail yourselves of the grand-familial services more often. That is one of the major reasons we moved to Texas (because, why the heck else would somebody do that). Okay, how come when I try to use an apostrophe, I am automatically kicked into a Find box in Firefox? I am a little miffed here, and I am starting to sound strange, for the sake of Pete.


Yes, cabs. Amy started to miss the boys sooner than I did so she went home at about 11. I wanted to stay later, being in the wedding party and all. Plus, it was an open bar, man! (Then there was the third cab ride the next morning to retrieve the truck from where'd we perforce abandoned it.) So, in essence, I guess we did pay for the booze after all.


Ah. Now I understand.

Émilie B.

Granted it's not been long, but what I already miss the most is Friday night dinner and a movie. Now Fridays are mostly spent in the living room with a DVD - baby Xavier in arms or on a cushion, preferably asleep - trying to see how long we can watch without using the pause button.

I hope you two had a good time!


Is it sad that I have not been on a date, without the kids, for over a year. We still have noone to watch the kids. I need to work on this ASAP!

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