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Wednesday, 19 July 2006



Wow. We've been lucky on the pooping front. Of course, we only started all this on Saturday. He slept in a diaper the first two nights. The first, he woke up poopy, and the second he woke up dry. Been in breifs ever since, and no accidents. Dumped in the toilet Monday and hasn't done it anywhere since. So, we'll see where his next BM ends up. Man, can you believe we're typing all this out loud?

But, again, our boy is 3. So, even more than usual, we should not go about comparing. It's always fun to share, though.


I can understand that when you have two in diapers you are anxious to get one of them out of them, but I will tell you that some kind of magic happens at age 3, which makes it all much, much, easier, should you tire of hosing sheets when you get home from work.


ohhh I so agree with Marian. The first boy trained himself at two, bought him underpants one day and that was it, no accidents, no hosing off sheets. I, naturally, took all the credit for this mircle and was certain I could make it happen with boy number two. Fought with him for a year untill one day this magic light switch flicked and he was trained seemingly overnight. So, boy number three came along and I though hey..maybe it has nothing to do with my efforts and I let him be...he was just over three and boom...done, no accidents, no fights. Something magic about three I tell ya.


The manchild in this house is loving the pee in the potty trick and will not sit down to pee but rather stand up and make little pee arches moving the woody all around. He even will tear off a little piece of toiletpaper toss it in to give him something to aim for. He'll be 3 at the end of the month.

Now poop is another story. He's only pooped in there a couple of times and he could really care less. He's much happier pooping in his gotch. Not so happy about that but he will learn in time. Right? RIGHT? PLEASE SAY RIGHT!


Yes, he will, Terri. If not before he goes to school, then at the very least by then. Peer pressure is a wonderful thing!

Seriously, though, good luck.

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