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Wednesday, 05 July 2006



Love it! Can I have a go?


Looks like a blast. Is that a Rock, Roll 'N' Ride? Great toy for the kids (and the adults, of course, because of that great handle).


Idyllic! With the boobies weeting in the background and the crazy jack russell running circles and the wild giggling.


Mark, it is. It was never a rocker for very long when in the house for the simple reason that Dex was apt to cower in fear from the large colourful menace. Mind you, it was much larger - relatively - back then. His feet *still* can't reach the pedals on it, so he has some while yet before he outgrows it. IF the dogs don't chew it to bits before then - a distinct possibility.


Isn't that what Uncles are for? My uncles taught me some very cool things!

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