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Sunday, 23 July 2006



Hilarious stuff - and how I love Declan's laugh.

... and completely unrelated, my mind (and mouse) wandered mid-comment and I've just read your "about me" page. Brilliant!

Matthew Frederick Davis Hemming

Hey, my kid just started doing this, too -- are they cribbing off each other?


If only toes gave milk! Thanks, that was a happy start to the day...


Adorable! A little boy and a garden hose is always a good time!


Yes, that's familiar. Ben loved that, too.

Great footage of Dex, by the way. Why'd you slight him in the text?


No intent to slight the older son, Mark. I figger most folks are keen to hit the play button here and so I don't put much into what written before unless it needs (or I want to give) a bigger lead in.


Well, hearing Amy, I have a pretty good idea where Dex got such an adorable laugh!

Oh, and my three boys just watched this with me...and of course now the younger two (3 and 9 years) are rolling on the floor. No, not laughing. Tavish looked like he was having such a great time, they wanted to try it, too!


I love hearing Amy laugh! What an amazing sweet family you've got yourself there, Si.

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