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Friday, 21 July 2006



I'm very happy that I'm not actually IN your mind right now except as a minor bit player.

Seems like the entire interweb is having a bit of a mental breakdown right now from what I've read today. I'm certainly not in tiptop shape but at least I'm not chasing turds in the sweltering heat.

I used to put Max out in the yard and have him out there naked in a corale most of the day with a sandbox and a kiddy pool and I'd hose him down when he'd poop himself. You do what you have to.


It sounds like you guys are in it for the long haul. I'm sure had we started Ben at the same age we would have had similar problems. Seeing how much better it is to have a toddler wearing underwear rather than (very expensive) diapers or pull-ups, I can understand the drive to potty train as soon as possible.


We are proud to say that Dex turded in the potty all by himself at about 10.30 this Sunday morning and refused to have either parent in the room while he attended to his business.

Yay him!


I've been out of this cycle for so long, I have not much more to contribute than sympathy and hope. My children are now 28 and almost 30 and both have mastered use of the potty. And I might add, they flush AND return the seat to the correct position. I'ts only a matter of time. And patience. And probly Smarties.


That's great! Both the kid's use of the potty, and your use of "turded."

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