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Monday, 10 July 2006



Ah, so you have accquired a new clothes hanger, have you?


Paul, either it'll be a clothes hanger or it'll be where they park the laundry baskets. Or maybe stack those boxes that have to be off the floor during the damp season.

No, wait, I have it! It's the solution to the Jack Russell problem! Like a hamster wheel for the dog!


You guys are mocking me, aren't you?


Sorry, didn't mean to make light of the subject matter, which is one I still struggle with, but less each year. The kids do grow up and eventually your lives won't be quite as mired in poop and puke (at least for a couple decades, anyway). Then the tangibles (which I'm just beginning to experience) are really quite unexpected and lovely. And the intangibles grow by quantum leaps each year.


Yes, we were mocking you.


I wasn't going to mock you.

But I do like the image of a Jack Russell on a treadmill.

And in a few years (well, decades, really) your plasma-walled friends will covet your place as Patriarch, clan chief, and progenitor of a mighty host of Frasiers. Wisdom shall sit on your brow, furrowed as it may be, strength will be in your hands, and a larger screen than theirs shall be upon your walls.

And there will still be clothes hanging from and boxes sitting on the treadmill.


I had the further image of one (i.e YOU) trying to run with two little people hanging off those churning legs. Children do slow you down in that quest for progress, but take it from your elders: that is a temporary situation. The squalour years pass (even your dogs will mature). Your earning potential grows. And someday you have not only kids, but a more ordered house (ignore their rooms), and a bit of disposable income.

Meanwhile, just think of how strong you're getting with all that resistance training!


Alas, we bought a treadmill very cheap, in much the same manner, and I used it twice. We never moved it, but I sold it to a co-worker for more than what I paid. Now, that was tangible.


Ok, now I have an image of treadmills as fruitcakes - forever being passed around. After all, we have one in our basement previously gathering dust at my inlaws.


What a cool analogy you've come up with (treadmill/life) You are learning my son, what is real and what is not. Striving, this day and age, for wealth and prestige and showplaces to live in is not only near-impossible but much like banging your head against a wall and watching your brains dribble onto the gound. In other words, you spend your life working and working for something and end up drained of what's necessary for Life. Unless of course you realize early on what's really worth the effort.
In case you couldn't tell, I just got off work and am completely buzzed out on caffeine... Cursed Night Shift.


As an avid U2 fan, I love your title, but as a mother of 2 (and a half) children and trying to make ends meet on only my husband's income, I can appreciate the meaning even more. Life can be such a struggle, and it's easy to see the grass as being greener in every yard but your own. Fortunately it's even easier to feel grateful that we have a roof over our head and food in our bellies. If your treadmill does turn into another clothes hanger, lemme know...I'll be needing one come November!


Mocking who? We have a treadmill in our (finished) basement that we paid over $1500 for. I think it has been used once in the last three months.


I could have written this one myself on so many levels...

We sold out t'mill in Jan (Prefer actual moving scenery), I just finished performing an acoustic version of "Running to Stand Still" and I have the trashed house with 2 kids that doesn't even remotely match my fantasies about life with kids before I had them.

Very cool that other people are going through a similar realization about life.

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