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Friday, 07 July 2006



Congrats on the interest in potty training from your young boy. Our JJ will be 3 at the end of July and has ZERO interest. It's driving me nuts. I figured by his birthday he would be OUT of diapers....hell..he can't even fit into diapers anymore. We have to buy those damn Pull-Ups...and they're not cheap!

I like this naked idea. May have to try this!


Sounds like an auspicious beginning. Dex's ability to "hold it" bodes well for the possibility of success. Matt just wasn't "getting it" at two, so we completely put it aside for about a year. When he was three, he "got it" in about 36 hours. He has never wet his bed, or crapped his pants since.


Ooh, Declan IS advanced - most boys train around 3, while girls are generally a bit earlier. So far it sounds more promising for you than my experience with Liam - 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Very much a gradual process over 6 months. And by the way, you can buy these padded absorbent cotton underwear for him when nudity may not be entirely appropriate.


You're optimistic, trying this at 2, but then Declan seems like he's quite willing. I was so terrified of potty training my little beast that I put it off til he was 3 and he got tired of waiting and did it himself one day, and that was the end of it. I can honestly say I never potty trained him.


Nice going, Dex. We may have to employ a rewards system. Right now, we're just kind of winging it.

TerriTorial, we're with you. Ben just turned three and hasn't shown much interest. Then again, we haven't tried very hard to develop a system. He pooped once in the toilet (using the special toddler seat attachment like Simon's) a few months ago, and has not since. Peed a few times, though.


By the way, in the U.S., Smarties are a small sugary disk of slightly fruity flavor, wrapped in cellophane. I've never seen this Nestle chocolate variety. Sounds like M&M's, except for that orange one. I'd pee for that.


Gleeful, pee-ful post :-)


Smarties, huh? Well, who doesn't love them? ;D

(to add to what Mark said - for ya'll North o' the Border types, Smarties down here are what you call Rockets. And they work just as well as M&M's, at least for little peepers)

When we were potty-training Emma, I would, in addition to M&M's also reinforce her success by extolling her adventures to her father when he came home at the end of the day. One time, as I was exclaiming "Guess what, Daddy! Emma went pee-pee in the potty today and she got a treat!" our oldest son (who was 9 I think) responded in a VERY sly and amused voice "*I* went pee-pee in the potty today, too".

Laughing, I of course told hime he could have a treat, but that that would only work one time, buddy. "That's okay", he comes back. "I'll think of something else next time".

I'm starting to wonder who exactly is training whom around here.

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