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Monday, 31 July 2006



What is it about weddings that sparks so many political career-ending actions? At our reception, people who had never been drunk got quite sloshed, my mother split her skirt while dancing, a friend tossed used finger-foods on a girl's lawn after getting into a fist fight in the backseat of a car (over, wouldn't you know, politics), etc. And all of this happened after my bride and I left.

Them weddings is some nutty goings-on, I tell you. Glad you and yours survived.


I was patiently awaiting a reiteration of the wedding scenario and was so not disappointed. Sounds like a whole lotta fun. Would love to have seen the I'm Too Sexy show. That's one of my favorite songs for getting silly. Thanks for not D and D-ing. (rinking and riving.) Guess I can give up my secret desire to see you in the Canadian equivalent of the White House. :-(
(forgive my international ignorance)

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