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Thursday, 27 July 2006



OK, I conceed. Declan is, indeed, the cutest kid who ever lived.


Snug top, yeah!

Now if I could just get my wife to wear one.


What, no photo?


Many of us are in that club. And I think Marian may have a great t-shirt in the works for us.


I am SO impressed that the 'strange sensation' of domestic multitasking is a more and more common experience these days for men. Honestly, I believe that roles were more entrenched even just 10 years ago, that the under-40 parents have a much more egalitarian system.


Please sign me up for that club, and, rick, make it a snug t-shirt.

I can't imagine being a father in another time, some archaic era that said that men aren't supposed to do the things described herein. My relationship with my son would be much different (and horribly deficient, in my opinion), were we to leave all the nurturing up to his mother. She might be a stay-at-home mom, but that's not because we're in some '50's throwback household.

Okay, stopping now. Save it for my own blog.


What a delightful post. I felt like I was sitting on the chair in the corner watching and listening to all of you with, first- a large, genuine smile on my face and then- a large, equally genuine lump in my throat at the sound of Declan's "Princess" comment. There is just something about how little boys see their mommies that tears me up. Not to overshadow a husband's appreciation for that same beauty, and was damn nice of you to let her know... She'll return the favor I'm sure when you don the tuxedo ;-)
Please post a picture of you all in your finery. Have fun too!

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