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Friday, 14 July 2006



Ok, I'll leave the schtick to others I guess...

If you could drop everything and travel somewhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?

Alec Lynch

On your way home from work you bump into God (don't worry, no one's hurt) and get to ask one question or make one statement. What do ya do?

More importantly: Toilet paper: over or under?


Alec: That isn't even a question in the mind of a parent. Think about it! The madness!! Reverse the polarity!!!

My Q:
It's your funeral (you died doing a sexy dance for your wife). Your two grown-up sons (who were told you died in your sleep) and your wife step up to the podium and deliver their eulogies in one word each. What do they say?

Bonus Q:
If you're a mer-person, is it ethical to eat fish?

Holly Capote

GREAT questions, fv.

So, here's my question: "How does fv manage to pose such great questions?"


List 3 songs that...

Nope. I'm only joking. OK, how about this one: It's Declan's wedding. What is your toast?


Okay, it's late, so that's my excuse for being the first one in the gutter.

Mostly on top, or mostly on bottom?


I assume Mark's talking where you tend to spread the mustard for your sandwich...

Assuming all your loved ones (oh, and the dogs) were safe, what one thing would you try to grab on your way out of your burning house?



Oh God. Now I know I will NEVER do this on my blog.

Here's mine: When's your birthday?


You're brave Si, anytime I ever opened up myself like this, no one asks anything and I die a thousand humiliating deaths...
My Q 2 U: What was your Life's Hardest Lesson?
Anxious to hear your answers to a couple of these, mainly your statement/question to/for God.
Took me a good 5 minutes to decipher mer-person... *red face* Can fish comprehend the concept of cannibalism, I wonder?


you have the ability to go back in time or forward into the future and either influence or witness, once. What event or time would you go to and what would you do there?


Hope that your drunken debauchery goes well tonight.

If a man says something in the woods and nobody hears, is he still wrong?

Mark S

So Simon, let's say you pull a thorn outta the Pope's butt, and he grants you one wish, what'll it be?

Bonus Question: Where does my question originally come from?


Just what IS the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow, anyway? European or African, your choice.


How did the drunken debauchery go?

What's your favorite epic poem? In any medium, including film, clay tablet or runestone.

Holly Capote

If this is still at the top, then I'm still allowed to pose another question. Here's that question: "Why is this still at the top?"

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