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Thursday, 13 July 2006





Wow..guys do this stuff? Who knew!

And yet your answers don't surprise me. Don't most men want "2 chicks at the same time"


You are only a teensy bit unpredictable ;-)
Know you better than we thought!


I want an explanation about this whole Dutch thang.



One of my favourite lines from the third Austin Powers movie was Austin's dad proclaiming, "There are only two things in this world I hate: an intolerance of other people's cultures, and the Dutch."


Classic line from AP. But I still take it personally. The Dutch get a lot of flack. For instance:

1. Dutch Elm disease (not even Dutch)
2. Going Dutch (that cheap bastard date)
3. Dutch ovens (various meanings there, but I'm thinking of farting in bed and then pulling the covers over the head of your loved one, so that he or she can enjoy your flatulence)
4. And so on and so forth.

For the record, Mike Meyers did a pretty good Dutch accent when he played Goldmember. I was worried that he would do a German accent even though the character was Dutch. Thankfully he did not.

(I am a bit of an authority on the matter, incidentally, being first-generation Dutch and all.)

Tot siens!




Good answer, Simon. I'll just make up my own three.

Three things I've never told anybody on my own blog:

1. Sometimes when I'm running late, instead of eating my cereal from a bowl, I put it in a cup, my milk in a travel mug, and take it on the road. I "sip" some cereal, then some milk, and crunch crunch. Any motorists who have noticed it probably got a good laugh.

2. When a conversation reminds me of something a fellow blogger wrote, I say, "A friend of mine said..." instead of "This blog I read said..." to avoid the weird looks I would get. I never hear people mention blogs they read, so I keep quiet about it.

3. When I click my teeth together on one side, I have to do it on the other side to make it "fair." I often make up drum parts by clicking my teeth together, with my lips closed, and then catch myself, hoping that people near me didn't hear it. I'm pretty sure I have a touch of something that makes me tickish.


Who's this Mark person? He's a hoot. :-)
Why do people look at us Bloggers so weirdly? We need shirts or a convention or something...


How does your wife feel about the two chicks at one time?

And would she be one of them?

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