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Thursday, 06 July 2006



Secret #12: When you go away for the weekend, the basement will flood and the car will break down. Ha ha!

When I drive, Rick looks at his hands to avoid revealing his terror. He's quite justified in doing this, I suspect.

Oh, and Secret #5? Not so much.

What? Men are different from each other? What?


Being a woman that drives a STICK, and a truck (okay, it's a really sexy Xterra), you are right, we are damn sexy!!!

I loved this post and actually helped me understand my hubby a tad bit more. We've been together since I was 17 and as far as I know, neither of us regret how we've grown together.

It's a wonderful thing.


Your comments on Secret #10 is right on. Live in the moment and enjoy yourself. Life is fun, if you make it that way.
Another scene from City Slickers, when Billy Crystal is in his son's class for career day. His soliloquy on what is ahead for the kids is terrifying but usually true.
Stay true to yourself and those you love.


If I typed my own responses, I'm pretty sure they'd come out just like yours.

Grampa - Thanks. Now I have to go rent City Slickers!


None of what you said surprised me, Simon. Your views on marriage, love and commitment, I believe, are as they should be. And YouandAmy are as it should be. :-)
I'm curious though, do any other guys out there read those articles? There are only aboot a gazillion of 'em. I'm a woman and I don't even read them anymore...


I sure hope not, Linda. I just accidentally stumbled upon that and barely gave it the time of day other than it made for some blog fodder.

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