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Sunday, 11 June 2006



Aw, I think you could easily deliver a week's worth of comedy.


I apparently don't exist. :(


"simon fraser is another low shrub that is useful"

Now that's a good one.

I did mine, and my favorites were:
mark williams is senior lecturer in english at the university of canterbury
mark williams is a much needed dose of common sense in an entertaining package

I would love to be either of those.


I don't exist either, but Rick is said to have the biggest penis in the band. He's also the original hairless hat man, who will make you laugh. And he still washes with naptha.


Those first two traits are not completely unrelated to the compulsive naptha bathing.


Tasha, just try your first name. But I wager you won't have such eerily appropriate gems as this:

Paula is not happy to leave all her toronto friends behind and move to edmonton after her grandmother dies

Ok, barring the fact that I don't have a live grandmother, evidently I'm reluctantly becoming Simon's neighbour!

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