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Thursday, 22 June 2006



I didn't get this one...


Very well put Simon. I joined a group of women in 1999 all trying to have babies on a message board. It is now 2006, we all have our kids, potty training issues, hubby issues, all watching our children grow and the heartache/heartswelling that it entails. I love those women, though I have yet to meet one face to face. It's a beautiful thing...now if Oprah would just read my emails and pay for us all (50 of us) to meet, life would be grand!


Ha! That Paul is so funny.

I love my incorporeal friendships, this one included.


Oh, what a wonderful post to start the day, Simon. You've expressed the significance, the strength of connection so beautifully. And the Royal Family figurines send their warmest regards to the Knight and the Jester.


I was going to comment on this post until I was distracted by one of Territorial's comments. Now I just want to know how someone has a baby on a message board. ;)

(misinterpreted comments are another joy of the Internet, of course)


The ethereal world of blogging seems to help foster what St Augustine considered the foundation of friendship and understanding:
"Conversations & jokes together, mutual rendering of good services, the reading together of sweetly phrased books, the sharing of nonsense and mutual attentions."

Would that make Simian Farmer a religious or a profane experience?


Rick, I'd be more than happy to be thought divertingly irreverent.

Therefore, if it's a religious experience for anyone, I would like to be called Irreverend Simon. I'd like to be called that anyway, but I don't think it'll fly.


Always better irreverent than irrelevant.

So I'll go along with it. But would that be the Wrong Irreverend or the Right Irreverend Simon?


I will know I have succeeded when I am the Most Irreverend Simon.


Dream big, my son.


When I tell people of the friendships I have made via the internet many of them look at me and with a little tilt of their head they question it, "really??" It's a wonder that can only be explained by the internets anonymity. It allows the villainy through in droves but also the kindness and light that allows good people to show their true selves and both without fear.


I'm late to the fray on this one. Great post.

Often, when I'm talking, I say things like, "My friend in Canada said..." when I've never even met anyone face-to-face who is or was living in Canada.

At the office, though, I refrain from saying, "My friend in Canada whom I only know through the Internet."

You should have seen their faces when I told them that, on a business trip to North Carolina, I met with a hiking group I found on Meetup.com. They were surprised I wasn't killed.

They crack me up. They just don't know that they're missing.


I met my sweetie online. My parents and friends were concerned that he might be an ax murderer. I relayed this concern to him.

When I went to his house for the first time, he had helpfully labeled one of his file drawers "Ax Murderin' Supplies."

the Mater

Simon, spot on! Brilliant post!

I came to Jenn's blog already having been online with a like-minded bunch of folks at a sci-fi forum. Our mutual admiration of one fine actor led to multiple start-ups of meaningful friendships. (Excuse the redundant alliterative "m"s this morning - I'm in a meditative mood.)

Connecting! That's what it's all about :>) So, so glad I connected with you!


I remember the first time I had to answer the questions the customs officer at the Toronto airport asked me about the reason for my visit.

How do you explain that you're going to meet friends you've never met?

Wasn't much easier the next time I flew up, when he asked where I met these friends I claimed were the reason for my visit. 'Online' sounds so....geeky. And naive.

Good thing BW'ers aren't raving lunatics! Well, not raving, anyway ;)

As a result of my online interactions and resultant get-togethers I've made some deeply valued friends and expanded not only my world view and knowledge, but my experience. And made some of the most cherished memories of my life.


I SO know this. Gawd, I couldn't imagine LWS (life without Simon) or any number of the people who would not be in my life if I'd never taken up residence in this sphere... People with small minds make small worlds for themselves.

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