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Wednesday, 07 June 2006



What? No vomit?

Too cool to coo, that one.


OhHHHHHH! Could he be cuter? The answer is the same as it is for Declan: NO. Top of the cutest chart. You must walk around in a state of perpetual charmedness, you and Amy. So happy for you guys.


wil -- my thoughts exactly. did you edit out the puking Si?

As always, beyond cute all the way to, gosh, give me a word!


Wil, Marian: strangely, no.

All I did was edit out the bits where we just sat and stared at each other. Very engaging for me, not so much for the video clip.

Hazel Hazel

How darling. The on/off button on his nose? How cool is that?


Terminally cute, is what someone named this condition.

Speaking about the video from a purely visual point of view, that looming hand suddenly appearing from out of the frame to touch Tav's nose- and his reaction to it- made it look like the hand o' god paid a visit.


Well, I am partially his Creator, at least by proxy.


I'm going to assume that there was nothing proxy about your involvement, whatever Canada Post might say.


He's very vocal. Good vid moments. Can you imagine back before parents could easily edit the videos before presenting them? "No, no, wait, okay, I'll fast forward. Oh wait, I skipped over it. I'll go back."



Well that's a bummer..it won't play for me. I'll try again later.


Okay.....working now and ADORABLE!!!


Interesting. What others found cute I found almost unbearably dramatic. I had real compassion for this little being, dropped here and trying to discover the world and to communicate with it. I could see him working SOOOO hard that the yawn was almost a relief - of course he would need a nap after all that concentration!


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