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Friday, 16 June 2006



Nice thoughts. Gosh. It makes me think of the inanimate objects I still hold dear, even though I rarely hold them. The tattoo for your grandfather? That's just awesome.

I like the notion of BuyNothingChristmas, too. At least our families draw names now, which makes it a little less about the gifts because everybody can concentrate on finding one meaningful thing (whenever possible).


"I still have the old one too, nearly 30 years old; it's sported by an old teddy bear (shut up!) on my dresser."

This is the most charming post I've read in a long time. What a lovely window into the sweet and sentimental phenomenon that is Wydo.


Book spine-crackers-- whether paperback or hardcover-- I'm so there with you. Once a book comes into my possession it becomes a friend. Perhaps a well-loved friend or maybe an annoying and obnoxious and friend who cause you to recoil in horror and disgust ("Hello, Newman"), but a friend nonetheless and you don't abuse friends if you can help it and you certainly don't break their back by way of greeting.

I've got some primers on geography and grammar that belonged to my great-grandfather (someone I never knew) dating from the 1870's and 1880's, with inscriptions and cipherings and shaky elementary school calligraphy practices, and like your copy of Mohicans it lets you wonder about other lives lived.

Everything else, from the bear & t-shirt watching you practice with your light sabre in the dark to the hierarchy of your rings and the tats- proves that the only real value things have are the values and associations and meanings we bring to them, and pass on with them.

Happy Father's day, Wydo.


Wonderful post Wydo.

I am touched by your Tattoo for your Grandfather and all he endured. My maternal grandparents are both war vets and I am so very proud of them. Grandfather was shot by a sniper in Italy and Grandmother was a nurse caring for the injured.

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