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Monday, 05 June 2006



Glad he didn't plant one on you. Sounds like you guys know how to fun at work, though. Makes me think, though. I can't remember Ben ever puking, and he turns 3 in July. He might have spit up once or twice, but I don't remember any puke. I'm off to Detroit, and will dip my toe in Canada while I'm there. Still almost 2,000 miles from where you reside, but in Canada, dang it!


See, that works because you are 2 guys. I have the same type of relationship with my boss, but some years ago now, I did something especially right, and he exclaimed, "Natasha, I could kiss you!" without even thinking. It was followed by an awkward pause as we both tried to get passed it and take it how it was intended.


I love a workplace where there is a sense of humour. I work by myself and the whoopee cushion is only funny for so long. Sad really.


Hey, Simon ... I just caught up on your entries, and sounds as though all is well in the household. Glad to hear it. Two can be a handful, yes ? But looks as though you are sailing along just fine. Good for you. Tina

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