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Friday, 23 June 2006



Her consternation? I can well imagine your delight.


Roots: Educating children since 1973.


After all the brouhaha surrounding the vivid polarising orange of your previous month's layout, I'm surprised that no one has said anything about this restful, soothing blue phase. A baby blue. I like the Blue Period.

And a classic Dex photo. Very DC Comix superhero-ish.

But I'm going to stay aloof from the beavoo thread, I think.


It's a sort of violet-blue, compared to the last blue, is it not? Very nice. So do you pose Dex with the playdoh and glasses and stuff?

Did Roots do the uniforms for the U.S. winter Olympic team? Those were really nice! I was shocked to see the U.S. looking more stylish than many of the others, if not all of the others, in tasteful, well-designed clothing not shrieking of red, white and blue.

Certainly WAY better than the Italian aluminum-foil puffballs.


Mr. Spackle:

I grew quickly tired of the "Eye-gouging red" and wanted something that didn't distract from actual content. The blue's here for the long haul.

Mrs. Spackle:

None of the photos featuring The Boys are contrived; always just moments captured in the moment, as it were. (Can't quite say the same about the videos, though.) And I think yes, it was the US Winter Team accoutred by Roots. If memory serves; never a reliable font.

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