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Thursday, 01 June 2006



And soon, under your able tutelage, Declan will be saying "The fraternal infant is quiescent."


Jesus that made me laugh...


Ain't it fun when they start making sense, even to strangers who don't know their every inflection? Nice one, Rick.


OT, you've changed the orange, haven't you? It's redder now, unless the previous orange damaged my sight. I like it better. Also like the no steenkin categories thingy. Oh, and the dotty lines are different? Nice. Banner's jogged a bit over to the right, though. This isn't all in my imagination is it?

It is very cool when sentences start occurring. I wrote down Max's first, which was 'baby numnum', meaning GIVE ME SOMETHING TO EAT! Being a control freak, he started talking very, very early.


Can we have a vote on the typeset of the post titles? They're FAR too pedestrian as they are.


Marian - yes I changed the colour to actually look redder. There was hardly any difference on my laptop screen at work, but the Dell monitor I use at home showed just how orange it was. Therein lay the difference. "Baby numnum" makes me think immediately of "birdie numnums" from THE PARTY, a fabulous Peter Sellers movie, and freaking hilarious.

Paula - I'll take your suggestion under consideration, but don't hold out hope for a vote on the typeset.


Design by committee, Simon: it's a parlous (not a misspelling) road down which to travel. Better to rule your blog as an enlightened despot and spread your orange/red/crimson largesse with a benignant but firm hand.

Birdie numnums? Weet! Weet!

the Mater

I like the new colors, more vivid, and love Dec's moustache. Like the photo of you and Tavish ... er, is that a bag of frozen peas you're holding on your lap? hehehehe


Just remembered that I need to ask this:

Is that a WYDOT shirt you are wearing? Wyoming Department of Transportation? What gives?


Mark - nope, that's a "WYDO" shirt. As in, "Me Wydo!"

When I was about Declan's age I couldn't (or refused) to pronounce my own name and apparently dubbed myself Wydo. So my dad had a toddler T-short made with that name on it. I still have it. As a birthday present, my wife got me a grown up version of the same shirt, right down to the colour and typeset... only bigger. It is my favourite shirt in the whole world.


Cool shirt.
Rick made us both laugh, he's on to you fer shure!
My son's first sentence was a hoot, he was eating soup in his high chair and said,"More cackers in dere (there), soup, Mama." There was a pause between each word, like he was putting it together in his head and yet he said it all in one breath and was proud and exhausted when he finally got the whole sentence out.

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