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Wednesday, 21 June 2006



Oh! So close, so close. Any day now!


Dex just knew it was a big deal. I could tell by his cheering. Tavish seemed to know it, too, and he's almost there!

(Ben had the same playmat/gym thingy, and loved to look at himself in that funhouse mirror)


D-mn that unresponsive, hindering, inert right arm. Leave to the left hand to do all the work. There, but for the absence of two left hands, was the elegant roll of the world.

Welcome to a right-handed world, Tavish.


Good effort young Tavish!


In the ever-appropriate words of Hall and Oates "So close, yet so far away.."

If it's anything like our house, before you know it he'll be "play wrestling' and you'll be begging for mercy. Enjoy the almost immobile days while they last.

the Mater

Something's coming, something good ... Dex was really rooting him on. Once it happens, those two are gonna really keep you and Amy hopping :>)

I LOVE your video clips! Keep sharing, please.


Rick, I'm holding out hope that Tav will be a member of the superior 10% of humans. I seem to have lost Dex.

Christy, I'm very much looking forward to begging for mercy from my boys. That will be oodles of fun.

Mater, you ought to know NOT to encourage me.

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