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Saturday, 17 June 2006



So, it will be a Canadian team doing it again!


Shameless use of baby boy in that picture.


Thankfully, I have no shame to speak of.

Dipsy D.

I saw the game on TV here in Austria - I'm religiously watching all NHL-games, preferably with Canadian teams, and these finals just blow me away. I can't believe the fight these guys put on, and they sure have one hell of a chance bringing the Cup back to Canada!
I can't believe how cute that pic is, these are the true fans! ;)


SO that's how Amy got you to foot the photography bill from all those photos you had taken. Genius! The woman is genius!


Tavish looks a wee fashed...

But in a situation like this, with the Oilers coming back from a deficit to hopefully take the Cup back north, shame would be as out of place as a Presbyterian in hell.


GOilers! They looked like an entirely different team last night.


Tasha, the word is "diabolical".

Holly Capote

Hey, Simon. It's Holly Capote. I clicked on your name at Marian's place and bada-bing, bada-boom, I was whooshed here. I think I was carried by fairies, but my certainty is only 99%. Anyway, HEY!


That, my friend, is priceless! Gorgeous wee man you've got there.

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