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Thursday, 08 June 2006



I told Hubster to go there this morning to pick up something for my very pregnant Sister and he said NOT ON YOUR LIFE. He is going to be stopping at Tims for their much superior "Slurpee" instead.


ah, i remember being in toronto about four or five years ago and having someone advise me about the battle between starbucks and the second cup. we chose to patronize the second cup because, while it seemed on the verge of taking over toronto, it didn't seem on the verge of taking over the entire world.

at one intersection there was a coffee place on every corner--two of each. that's a lot of caffeine and slow jazz.


Battlestar Galactica? I was thinking more Moby Dick. But then I'm more of a tea guy (sipping with sinistral pinky finger extended from delicate chipped mugs) so the twinned mysteries of ornate coffee & science fiction just frighten and confuse me.


I don't like the Starbucks coffee. I don't drink those iced frappa-mocha-cino-whatevers. Coffee is a hot beverage. If I want a good milkshake I'll go to McDonalds. My wife likes the Caramel [Angry Latte] that 'bucks offers, so we go there once in a while, but they usually burn the espresso, so I don't really enjoy it like I could. If I want a coffee, I go to Timmy Hos. If I want a good cappucino, I make it myself at home.


I didn't know lattes had moods.


I will come out and say it. There was (is) a character on BG named Starbuck. There.

Personally, if I'm out and about and desire a hot cup of joe, I like McDonald's new premium coffee, and for $.96 American, it's a helluva deal.


Well, here's something to gasp at. I've never eaten a McDonald's burger, and I've never had a cup of Starbucks coffee. The other thing that has never crossed my lips is Coolwhip. I will probably die before ingesting the first or last, but the coffee I make no guarantees about.


It shames me to say, Marian, but I once convinced myself that I would be capable of consuming an entire McDonald's cheeseburger in a single bite.

Turns out I can.


I prefer Second Cup to Starbucks. I find Starbucks coffee tates burnt. *shrugs*

Now, give me a good SC Brownie Vanilla Latte with whipped cream, and I'm in coffee heaven!

Cold coffee must disappear. I agree with Paul, coffee is a hot beverage. I have nothing against coffee flavoured ice cream, however...mmmm...

*goes to get a bowl*


How long ago was it you held that fey conviction, Simon? The one cheeseburger-one bite thingy? A youthful indiscretion of a couple of years back, or a Fraser rite of passage to be passed on to Declan & Tavish at their maturity?

Gotta go get Marian some Coolwhip. She's lived up up here in the very near-north this long without having had Coolwhip?


Rick - 'twas in early university that I set myself the challenge. Only once or twice before I saw the silly excess. But at least I can say I can do it.

Tasha - good to hear that you are able to eat ice cream after that surgery thing.


Paula, it's called a 'Caramel Macchiato.' The word macchiato literally means "spotted," but is used in casual conversation as a synonym for "angry."


I had to jump into the "cold vs. hot" fray. Cold coffee pretty much nauseates me.


I'm so very glad I've finally come to visit. I love your writing.
I share your feelings re. the whole fancy names for coffee sizes. I think they think it means they can charge more. I'll take a Tim's Iced Capp anyday.
Or just some water.


I like Peet's better than Starbucks for flavor. The employees at both places are nice, but Starbucks seems to attract some really ENTHUSIASTIC people. Maybe it is the caffeine.

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