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Thursday, 25 May 2006



Criminy Simony. I mean Simon. You've put a lot of thought and angst into this already. You would do well to keep being you and let the boys learn by example. You've got the integrity down pat. Your love and awe of the boys is apparent (and necessary to instill the confidence they will need.) Your slant on life is infectious, they will benefit from that. Your love for Amy is a great example for them. They already are learning the importance of family and laughter. Yep, just lighten up on the dogs and I think you'll be pleased with how they turn out ;-)


This was so evocative for me that my response is today's post on my blog...


I wish more parents would stop to think about how they are molding these little ones. Bravo to you Simon. You're a wonderful Dad and will make fine, loving, caring, soft, strong, trustworthy men.

My Uncle has two sons and they are strong, smart, and soft like teddy bears. They are great boys/men. I want that for my son too.


I'm sure many of these fears dwell in the minds of all parents, but as a dad of a boy, I definitely relate to all these fears.

One thing I also wonder -- is there a point at which I should remove my blog from the Internet, so that Ben cannot read it? Do I want my very young son to see the things I write out here? Hmmmm...

Then, there's this. Will he one day be "too old" for me to blog about him? Do I wait until he comes out and asks me not to write about him? This is a tough one for me.


Mark, I'm dealing with that whole thing right now. When does my need to tell my story override my son's need for privacy? He doesn't know about my blog yet.

And yes, he will one day be too old for you to be candidly blogging about his life. He will ask you to stop if you haven't already. And this will happen as soon as he gets online and can read, which is, like, right around the corner!


A thoughtful post, Simon, with a unco great poignant photo to accompany it. And I think Linda is spot on- the boys are going to pick up all of this emotional & communications facility from you (and Amy) through absorbtion & osmosis despite any incidental stiff upper-lipping.

Hope the game goes well tonight and you enjoy your victory riot.


The solution to your dilemma is to introduce them to "Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar", the game that taught me almost everything I needed to know.

The rest I picked up from "Leisure Suit Larry".

the Mater

Simon, print this essay and put away in a drawer. You'll know when you'll want to give it to your boys. By asking the hard questions, you show that you're already on the right path.

Being true to yourself is the gift you give your sons. All shall be well.

This is a beautiful reflection on parenthood and its awesome responsibility.

Now go enjoy the Oilers!


You have such beautiful children. This picture of Declan is too precious. The best words of wisdom that were ever bestowed on me are: "Children will repeat more of what they see than what they hear".
So . . . love your wife, tell the truth, show respect, even the way you honor your parents will show your boys how they should honor you.

Jim (of Brazil)

Thoughtful post, Simon. I can definitely relat to your reflections... even to the part about the dogs.

One of the most shocking things to me has always been seeing a child show cruelty to animals (or other people, of course). I've now seen my 3-yr old yelling at our labrador in an astonishingly precise imitation of *me*! It is sobering, and frightening.

Dude, I've got to get a grip on it! I may have to get some therapy to figure out how to deal with my "dog issues" before I turn my kids into dog abusers!

BTW, sorry about the Oilers ... :-(


I can relate to the treatment of animals. Not because I yell out our dog, but because Ben will look right at a ladybug, cricket, etc., say what it is, and then stomp on it. Actually, he has not done this in a while, I think because he realized it hurt them, especially after I told him. Hey, I'm not one of these folks who moves a spider outside. I crush it, and then move it to the trash can. So, he might learn the killing from me, but sheesh, give the little bugs a chance in their own territory.


Here's a nice, thoughtful post by Kirala on the same subject:



Son, you already have it figured out. "Do the best that you are able by your sons". That is all you can do and what you should do. They will become the men they are destined to be because of it and in spite of it. You and your brother are prime examples of that adage; two very focussed and determined men. Bravo...!


Great post. They helped me put some of my own parenting thoughts as of late into perspective, and it's nice to know other young parents are thinking too much... I mean... the same things, too. And like you said to me on Mother's Day -- you're doing great!


Simon ..... Parenting is such a balancing act, isn't it? The unfortunate thing is, hindsight is 20/20. I can NOW see the things I wish I had done differently. The things I wish I would have been more 'interfering' about, and those I should have hung back on. But, in the end, we can only do the best we know how at the time. The great thing is, if you consistently show your kids that you love them through the years, they will overlook alot ! Tina

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