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Friday, 26 May 2006



That was crazy. Gollum and Luke had the best dance moves, and the synchronization with the music was the best for that part. That takes a lot of grueling effort at the computer (at least until I learn better how to use Adobe Premiere Elements).

I liked the blending of the two films, visually, but as I was watching, I couldn't help thinking how vastly superior LOTR is to Star Wars. Great source material is hard to beat, and then Jackson lucked out enough to get a huge budget and three epic films. Lucas' writing, on the other hand... oy vey! That's some weak stuff.

Still and all, I'm a big Star Wars fan. It's just that the two speak to vastly different areas of my brain.

Have a nice weekend, Si-mahn.


wow, simon, you only got one comment. i wonder why?


two. three, that is.


four. you know i love you, right?


sorry, five. a very large mexican beer is to blame.


Marian, I am giggling like a little school girl right now. More at the thought of a mature woman trying to blame a Mexican beer for something than a sudden inundation of comments by that same woman.


honey, i'm old, but i'm not mature.


Yeah, well, I'm still giggling. It's degenerated to a chortle by this point, but you get my drift.


She may not be mature, but she's not all that old, either.


Hey Simon.

That video rocked. I Loved it!! Gosh, who knew Yoda could scratch. To think, all those deaths and ruined lives when a horrible interglatic war could have been solved by a simple break dancing challange.

Thanks for the link. Your geek card is safe.

the Mater

ROTFLOL I was just going to tell "Geogirl" about this link! Seems like she's already a lurker here :>)

OT, so you have to wait for one more game to celebrate, eh?! Go Oilers :>)


My grandson, Poopy and I watched the video and howled. Thanks for that.
Marian, you're funny. I'm old and immature too. It's cool to be like us...
Nice new picture of you and Tav, Simon :-)

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