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Wednesday, 31 May 2006



Some local friends have one of these for their little boy, and had we a tree, we would have run out and grabbed one for Ben. What a great time for all!

Excellent video editing, by the way. You made it look like there were two cameras running at once. I love doing that.


You know, I had come so much to associate that colour of blue with your blog that when I got here tonight, I thought I was in the wrong place.

Listen, I know that it matches Dex's play-doh moustache, but this orange? It's gotta go.


Funny, I see more red than orange. Methinks you may have to acclimatise, Paul.


Hopeing to incite a riot? Stimulate your wife's libido? Or did they just have a good price on orange-red paint at Home Despot this weekend?

Cute video -- I love his giggle.


I loved hearing the birds in the background. Ah, swings and little boy giggles.

But yes indeedy, Simon, this is ORANGE. Take a poll.


Not to comment twice on the same post, but I thought red when I first saw the new look.


It looks like red at first and then your eyes start to squint from the brightness of it all and by golly..it's orange!

My almost 3-year-old JJ HATES Swings. He has the same tummy as his Mommy me thinks.



Hazel Hazel

Read-ee? Read-ee? So cute. That was adorable. I love the new banner picture and don't mind the orange/red at all. Barely noticed it, in fact.


There's a color they use on ore ships here on the Great Lakes called Mesabi Red. You've almost got it. Maybe just a little darker in hue. Until then, it's orange.

That giggle just squeezes the heart.


Don't know why but this just made me grin and giggle.

So cute.


Adorable. I especially like the "woooah" when he spins. :)

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