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Sunday, 14 May 2006


Mark S

Simon, what about your emergency Pop Bagging sessions? How could you forget that?!?

Also, was the graveyard shift at the warehouse you worked in the one Jeff (aka Toke) had worked in?


This is all very interesting, especially the peek into your relationship history. I haven't gone back and read your archives, so these little flashbacks are a big help. I liked hearing you articulate the whole 'inability to argue' thing, from which a certain husband of mine also suffers. We don't fight, as a rule, or often even disagree, but over the last several years he's put some energy into learning to verbalize his side of a debate, shall we say. I've enjoyed that immensely. I think he might enjoy it too, a little.

the Mater

"...and eventual world domination." LOL

I think you should always aim high, dear chap. Let them know you're a serious player.

Just in case they don't take you seriously, you may want to check this website out ... it's the latest rage in my department. We're all being told to sign up and play with the colored blocks :>)



Mark, I had, much to my chagrin, forgotten about the pop-baggin' sessions. I feel shame.

And no, the grocery warehouse was a different one than the Toke worked at.

For some reason I don't think I'll be able to reach you at the email address you left on your post. Is that @goat tethered, perhaps?!


I feel like I know you so much better now, almost in a bibliographical sense. No, wait, that's not really like a resume. Never mind, sounded funny when I first thought of it...

Mark S

Simon, I'm not a fan of giving out my e-mail address to the 'internet'. Especially on a site that gets people coming to it who search for such things as 'pics men in the bathtub' (http://simianfarmer.blogs.com/simian_farmer/2004/11/google_searches.html).

As for the goat, of course it's tethered. ALWAYS TETHER YOUR GOATS!


Enjoyed this series. The trolley design job sounds fascinating, to a guy who probably could not design such a thing even with plenty of sleep and the perfect brain foods. I hope everything shakes out okay at work.

Jim (of Brazil)


Interesting series on your rise from blue collar working stiff to wearer of achromatic neck attire. I enjoyed the vignettes. It will be interesting to see if you are still blogging when you eventually make it to "pointy-haired world overlord".

But I feel compelled to point out one thing: you repeatedly use the phrase "meteoric rise" to describe your trajectory through life. But based on my limited knowledge of astronomy (I majored in it up to my third year of university!)...

Meteors don't rise! They fall!

Just wondering if that usage is somehow metaphorical ... ?


Maybe in Brazil they would consider that the Simian might overlook something such as that but we here in the North (USA and Canada), know better. Simon thinks it ALL out... and he does it 24/7 at the same time that he's doing ten things simultaneously and that was redundant and I'll stop now.

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