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Tuesday, 09 May 2006



Tres entertaining. Your descriptives, even of snot, are amazing. I'm glad you have this blog; if you got old and forgetful, it would be such a crime to lose all this great stuff.


Well. I think it's a bleepin miracle that you can reproduce with such vigor, considering the toxic jobs you've held. I had a black snot job once too, but it was pine tar. Maybe slightly better than iron filings, but probably not a whole lot.


Gawldangit, Simon, you wuz a hard-workin' mayun. I gotta cover some of my jobs in my blog now. After my current story is finished, of course.

The gloves thing reminded me of the two weeks I spent working in the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant before becoming a server. Each morning I put through the industrial food processor mass quantities of fresh onions and other vegetables appropriate to said dining establishment -- including jalapeno peppers. The last step was scraping the pulverized peppers into a large, very clean white bucket along with the ingredients for salsa, pico de gallo... you get the idea.

After the first day of that, someone advised me to wear latex gloves, but it was too late for my poor hands. They took on a pinkish cast and burned like fire for about a week. It was almost unbearable, and there was nothing I could do but pop ibuprofen and hope for the best.

That, and I walked around smelling like one of those burps my dad rattled off after eating an entire onion like an apple.

Sorry, that comment probably should have been much shorter, and then expanded in my own space.


Mark, that's hilarious!

Reminds me of having beer and hot wings at the bar one night with some university friends. My one friend returned from the men's room with a strange look on his face and offered some sage advice: "Wash your hands BEFORE taking a leak when you've been eating hot wings!"

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