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Tuesday, 02 May 2006



You could write a 10,000 word essay on the physiological benefits of knitting (or something equally obscure) and it would read like a Number #1 Best-seller. No, BETTER.
Enjoying you as a youngster...


Excellent reading. My favorite part was your mother sending you to work with a pocket calculator, just in case. Sounds like something I would do...


Wow... takes me back to my first jobs in food. I always thought in college that the movie theater job would be the coolest thing. In my hometown, however, the theater would have been a skankier place to work than the fast-food restaurants.

"a pair of shoes reserved solely for work"

I had copied and pasted this post into a plain text program to print for later reading, and caught the above wordplay without the benefit of the underline. Give us some credit, Simon. Sheesh.

Grateful Deb

Hey Sime :)
That read was a pisser!
You are soooo funny :)

I had a three month stint as assistant manager of an Ivars Seafood fast food restaurant...
Every day we had to cut pounds of fish into two ounce strips....
Once I left I had to burn my jeans as they stunk of cod!!!!

Hope you and the fam are great!
I'll be dropping in on you here when I can :)
See you on NoS soon :)
Peace and Love,

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