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Saturday, 20 May 2006



Amy!!! Have a heart!
Glad it all went off without any major snags.
It's good you're getting your vegetables ;-)
Hope there's no swelling...
Enjoy the weekend and thanks for the UPdate.
Reese's F-ing Toast is going on my breakfast menu TODAY.
Hope the re-growth isn't annoying. That had to be fun...


Very glad to hear all went well. Very disappointed in the wife for that teasing comment. Give a guy a break.

Also glad to read that I'm not the only guy with fears of inappropriately rising to the occasion when it comes to having the nethers touched medically. The damn thing seems to be on automatic sometimes. Thus far, I have had no problems.

You shaved, eh? I can't imagine that. I don't think my Mach 3 Turbo would do the job. Too many wrinkles and folds.


I love Amy. Did you use the Philips? Check this out, Mark.


Sorry I don't know how to turn that into a link, although you'd think I would, but no. I also love that "Oh Sugar!" It could have meant so many things to one in your position, depending on how it was said.

Enjoy the Star Wars, mind your peas, love.

the Mater

I think you should buy Amy a Kegelcisor as a belated Mother's Day present and she, in turn, can stock up on frozen peas and carrots to keep you comfortable.

Life's one big trade-off after another :>)

Take care and you'll be back in the saddle before you know it! Let's just leave it at that ...

the Mater

Excuse me, one last thought ...is that a typo? Shouldn't the title of this blog be "Post-Pop"?!


Oh my GOD, I cannot believe that you blogged about this. You are hilarious. Best wishes to you and your hijacked hoojack.


Glad it went so well. A good friend of ours just had an experience that was less than pleasant.

Your wife is great. I told mine no emails from his buddies (abundantly pornfull) until he was healed. Imagine the pain it would cause. OUCH!


Saw your post on "Breed em and weep"
Not to freak you out or anything but my husband was cut, tied, and burned. They told us that if our kids ever passed away we would never have anymore children. I was pregnant with our sixth and didn't care...I was there to make sure the procedure was done thoroughly. Two years to the week later we had our seventh child...He had even gone back in for the test...Miracles do happen.


Good for you, Simon. I'm hoping that you have a nice, relaxing, pain free weekend. Remind me to tell you, at a later date, about the experience my husband went through right after having 'The Big V ' .... it involved a surprise party, and a lap dancer. Not good timing. Tina


Marian, that link was hilarious.

Simon, "hang" in there.


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