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Monday, 08 May 2006



Not a hockey fan, really, but I know the Dallas Stars fans around here are not happy about the way they went out.

That elder boy of yours certainly knows how to eat cake, and how to let it all go at the end of a long party.

Say, didn't you mention that you play(ed) cricket? What little I just read about it goes a long way toward explaining baseball's origins (at first they were not throwing it toward that guy "just because.") Pardon for my ignorance, but it's late and I prefer a layman's explanation to some cold, heartless Web site. Oh, and what's a "sticky wicket," besides what my gutter-brain envisions?


Mark, you must be mistaken, since I don't even have the faintest idea how to play cricket. Just a lot of guys in white pants running around a field from my perspective. And since you bring it up, neither do I have any idea what in the heck a 'sticky wicket' is!


From www.phrases.org.uk:

A difficult situation.

A sticky problem - in cricketing parlance 'having a yielding surface after rain'. (The wicket being the strip of ground between the two sets of stumps)



Another in a long line of really fun reads (and looks). "The Fourth" was definitely with Declan. Tav gets more adorable every day! Thanks for sharing.
Pssst...Does Aaron have a girlfriend? ;-)



Aaron is currently unattached AND is a new homeowner with a steady job. Nice.


Your child eats a strawberry the way my older son eats an ice cream. The damn thing could be running down his arm and he's still taking dainty little licks. Drives me batty.

You guys did a great job with the decorations! I'm lucky if the living room gets decorated, and that only happens if I have the time. Otherwise it's a "Happy Birthday" sign on the wall and balloons attached to the ceiling fan.

And that cake...I'd eat it!


Kristen wrote:

Your child eats a strawberry the way my older son eats an ice cream.

On a toothpick?

Technically, the wicket is the three stumps and two precariously balanced bails that the batsman attempts to protect. A "sticky wicket" would be one that was struck by the bowl, and not knocked over. So traditionally, a "sticky wicket" is a difficult situation, or perhaps a stubborn person.


Looks like a WONDERFUL party. My son who is a big fan of toothpick and yesterday at brunch ate each hashbrown with a toothpick. TOOK FOREVER!

Watched the Edmonton game too. Sad.


@ Paul - ok, just don't tell my Dad what I said (or rather believed to be true from another source (Ha, got out of that one!)). I'd be looking for a place to stay.


Actually, Wikipedia did say that the ground around the stumps was generally referred to as "the wicket" as well.

And I decided that a more accurate description of a sticky wicket is someone who puts a damper on everyone else's fun.

Why are you all looking at me?


Actually, there ARE coconut trees in the jungle. In the Puerto Rican rainforest, that is... I'd call it a jungle. Excellent themed decorations, in any case.

I was at that game on Sunday. So. Much. Fun!

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