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Tuesday, 16 May 2006



Ah, but which one of us can achieve world dominion first?


I had to do that once at my job with the provincial gov't and came up with a pretty fancy description for making coffee.



With my luck, it would be a call from the HR dept., and would be more like this: You should not use humor in a professional document. Your username has been disabled and two guards will be at your cube, with a small box for your personal effects, within 10 minutes.


You are such a card ;-)

Jim (of Brazil)

I, for one, will welcome our new Simian Overlord.

Perhaps you can delegate administration of the Southern Hemisphere to me?


Jim, all those that show a suitable amount of initiative and subserviance will be suitably rewarded in the Brave New World.

the Mater

Score one for bureaucracy - at least the HR person enjoyed the humour and it interrupted her boredom.

Good luck with the restructuring (oops, in more ways than one, dear boy)!

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