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Friday, 05 May 2006



Sorry we missed it. It looks like a good time was had by all; but we didn;t see the grown ups in the photos. Must be like the Peanuts cartoon. Great shots, as usual, and already on the hard drive. See you guys Sat. PM


Wish Dex a very magical birthday from the Trifecta, please.

I'm intrigued by this thing you call Chuck E. Cheez. We don't have one here, but it sounds like fun for kids.


My face hurts from smiling. Thanks for this. Not sure if it was more the pictures, the captions or "May the 4th be with you."
Happy Birthday Sweet Declan and holy cow, Tavish is growing!
If your boys grow up with your sense of humor, well...


Isn't it great as a parent to take the kid to a place where you can finally let them do all those things you can't let them do at home? Wow, so many words without punctuation.

Ben eats his pizza crust-first, too, but he didn't learn it from either of us. His birthday is coming up. Let's see... what clever wordplay can I concoct (although I've seen yours before, I will not say you copied it, because many inventions were "created" by many people independently)

July the second... nope, that will just come out as a Jew joke, which is not good (unless I turn Jewish like the dentist on "Seinfeld")

Hazel Hazel

I loved Chuck E Cheez! My kids won't go there anymore though. Dang. The pictures are priceless.


And with you!

We could never go to chuckeecheez because Max had a thing about grownups walking around in animals suits (they used to have a big scary chuckee who wanted to shake hands with the kids and such), so the screaming would commence and that was the end of it.

Plus he'd get all overstimulated by the noise and pings and buzzers and lights and the screaming would commence and that was the end of it.

lovely photos, lovely kids, as always.

i've been thinking of doing a post ala dooce for Max called:
"228 months" for his birthday next week.


Ah, Simon: brilliant photos, and a birthday your crust-first boy will have as a birthday gold standard for a year to come. 'twas fun, 'tis fun, 'twere fun- you gotta love proclitics. A special birthday word just for you, you lexical boy.


Thanks for the word, Rick. One I've never heard before. Though it made me snicker somewhat abashedly at its similarity to a completely unrelated anatomical reference.

A double-edged sword sometimes, being a cunning linguist.


A cunning linguist should probably stay away from double-edged anythings.


Mark, apparently we both not only have kids named Ben, but they are both born July 2nd! Everytime I read your comments about him, I have to double check it's not my husband who wrote it!


Crust first?! Are you mad, man?!

Great post. Happy birthday, Dex.

The term "cunning linguist" is quite cunning and double-edged itself, isn't it? I seem to recall the term "cunning linguistics" being euphemistically uttered by one Mrs. Doubtfire.


Great Birthday pictures. Hope he had a "Magica" Birthday. Saskatoon has yet to open such an establishment..and I can't say I'm sorry about that.


Magica is how we say Magical in Saskathcewan...... *blush*


HOLY CRAP..I can't spell today worth anything..sorry!


Frickin' awesome photos, man! There is nothing more beautiful in this world than a child's face full of joy. Or peanut butter.

Edmonton Jenn

Happy Birthday Dex!

I have a friend who just turned 33 on May 4th, and he still does the whole May the fourth be with you schtick. Boys never grow up.


Happy Birthday! May the fourth be with you, heh, that's pretty good.


Happy, Happy, Dexxy Dex.

May The Fourth Be With You.


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