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Wednesday, 10 May 2006



Isn't a little kid's laughter just the best? Great job of contrasting the unbridled joy of a toddler against the sheer peaceful bliss of a baby (well, when they are screaming their bloody heads off). At the end, I kept waiting for the earth-shattering kaboom... oh well. Maybe next time.


Me too. I kept waiting for the balloon to pop! Marvelous growls of ecstacy from the big guy. And it seems as though the little one has now arrived on the planet and is pleased.

Hazel Hazel

I would have totally paid to see that.


What enthusiasm! We should be so happy over the little things like that. Your kids are adoreable!


Finally got a chance to see the video. Great editing- quick cuts, building tension and contrasting youth and age- it was like watching Citizen Kane but with more laughter and better hiccups.

the Mater

Simon, your boys are beautiful! What fun to see them both "in action" ... Sorry, but RL has been keeping me away from your blog.

I can't believe how big the baby has grown. And you are still wearing your "narcoleptic stud" t-shirt from Jenn's blogsite :>) Great supporter!

We have some wonderful clips of Sophie and Hannah and this reminds me how blessed we all are to be living in the digital age.

I'll keep dropping by when I can! xxoo

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