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Wednesday, 31 May 2006



First vote! Huzzah! You're at 100% in favour of the new colour scheme as of this moment.

I don't, however, see orange anywhere. I see more of a red-pale yellow dichotomy than a red-orange dichotomy, but that might just be my monitor.

I favour this over the "blue" (which I've always seen as purple).


I am a constant changer of my blog template. I love a new look. Keep it or change it, doesn't matter to me, it's what is inside that counts.


Dear Marc,
Please get your monitor checked. Or your eyes.
I voted for the old blue template, but that's not really that important to me. I just hate the eye gouging orange. Of course, had your poll included a 'pie' option, I would have chosen that.


Dear Paul,

No, YOU!

(Just kidding)


Hmmm...it seems I've been reduced in my standing. I'm the only vote for red.

Dixie just said she'd vote red too. But she'd like it if you were in a bikini in your header picture.

Edmonton Jenn

I don't see the orange either, Marc. I do see fire-engine red and buttercup yellow. The colours were alarming at first, I had to do a double take to make sure I was in fact at the right blog, but now I don't mind it so much. Either way is a-okay with me.


"Little furor" I'm still laughing...!


Actually, he typed, "small furor," but "little furor" is funnier, and you used it before I got a chance. Curse you, Grampa. (wow, that's something I never thought I would say)

Go Big Red!


I see dead people.... I mean orange-red (NOT red-orange) and a pale pinkish-cream, like the colour of Barbie flesh. Yes, I have a young daughter, why do you ask?

And I'd be with Dixie on voting for a bikini, only I've seen Simon in drag and that was enough to scar me for life.

Otherwise - variety is the spice of life, man. Follow your bliss.


Can we have some other choices please sir? I mean, there ARE other colors in the world besides blue and orange... aren't there?

But if I have to choose I guess I'll vote for going back to blue. The orange makes my eyeballs throb.


Well Marian, now's your opportunity to make whatever suggestions occur to you. Go wild! Or restrained. Or whatever.


I know typepad only gives you 20 colors to choose from, but if you go here: http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_colors.asp and scroll down you'll see a table of all the 200-odd "web-safe" color formulas. You can type any of these formulas into the little windows on the typepad color settings. As you can see, there are many lovely shades of blue and green, or you might try a gender-bending FF99FF — not that i'd recommend it, necessarily.


Having just cast an ambivalent vote, I see that your vote is now perfectly balanced at Amibivalence: 21 votes, with 33.3% for each option. Wow. This a nail-biting plebiscite, furor and all.

I don't mind the orange. I just want to see what you come up with next.


Actually, my new favourite is THIS tool that's so damned handy for colour selection.

But, yeah, that FF99FF is a little much for my manly tastes; in spite of having recently been somewhat emasculated.


very cool link, simon. handy yes. helpful in your case? shall we vote?


I see a deep orange and a beige and me likey lots. So there.


Hmmm, I am so ambivelant on the colour choice that I get a cannot connect to server error when I vote.....

I suppose any color choice is fine for those like me



Actually you are a "blue" kind of guy to me, but this is fine. I'm jealous of Anyone who has Any color on their site...

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