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Wednesday, 03 May 2006





It's a very strange thing about our culture that one of the first things we do is teach our children animal noises. We did the same thing. What the? Even when I was doing it, I thought it was a weird-ass thing to be doing, but it's like you can't escape it so you may as well give in. Same with excitedly pointing into the sky and yelling "PLANE" as though this were the BEST thing ever, better for example than a shrub, and making your kid say it after you. Who ARE we?

Otherwise, of course, Yay.


Orwell would be angry. No pig!

I think we taught the animal noises because Ben could make those before he could talk much. It was a way for him to express understanding verbally. In fact, his name for a horse, even after he could say a few words, was "nay." Finally, though, he started calling it a horse. Now if he would just stop calling me an ass. (man, I still got it)

Hazel Hazel

I want that child and I want him now.


No question about it -- Zoo Vets 'R' Us is in his future :D

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