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Saturday, 27 May 2006



Indeed. My favourite quote was when one of the announcers asked whether Niedermayer (I think that's who he said)was growing a beard or eating a muskrat!

Hey you have a boxer right? Would you recommend the breed? Where did you get him from? Seriously considering adding a pooch to the mix here and I would happily agree to a Boxer....I think?


If there's somewhere I can send money to aid Bob Cole retire, please let me know.

Jim Hughson is the superior announcer.


It was indeed a lively night in the world of CBC hockey commentators---Gretzky dropped by, the muskrat comment (which I worried he'd get in trouble for), the argument over whether or not it was foolish for Randy Carlyle to pull his goalie with three minutes left in the game. Perhaps they were a little giddy at the prospect of a Canadian team making it to the finals.

And then there was Don Cherry's pouting at the end of Coach's Corner.

Incidentally, how did Bob/Harry (whoever it was that made the beer comment) come up with those numbers? I was thinking about it after he said it: I've never heard of a beer with 8.3%+ alcohol content. And two beers at 4.2% alcohol would still total 4.2% alcohol.

But then I'm a little anal retentive sometimes. The comment was appreciated nonetheless.


Sounds like hockey might be worth watching in Canada for the commentary alone. Professional sports announcers here don't say anything remotely that funny (beer or the muskrat -- both good). Go Oilers!

the Mater

Hey, they did it after all! Testosterone levels are rising in Alberta. Go Oilers :>)


Hey. Watched the Buffalo/Carolina game tonight (not my choice, I'm not at home).
There was a lot of yelling going on here. I don't even know who won, but hope it was something that would make you hopeful... I just don't get hockey. Sorry.
Marc, I think my husband found out ALL about that 8.3+ beer on our last camping trip. All he had to say the following day was something like "the best night's sleep I ever had." Yep, that's about all he had to say...


Marc, some of my favourite beers are between 9% and 11% ABV. Mmm, beer.

Terri, don't ask Simon about dogs. He's not a dog person.

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