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Wednesday, 17 May 2006



I have two words:

carpet burn

These are the moments when you think... well, he's smart, but... and then you recall that although you yourself are of respectable intellect, you do things that others might see as a bit silly. At least, that's what I do when Ben does something like that.


How funny!

When Nick was little I used to catch him wiping his snotty nose on the carpet. To him, it was just one gigantic tissue that caused rug burn. So much better than actual tissues MADE FOR THE NOSE.

I had forgotten that little tidbit. I must go write it down to use when he is dating.

Jim (of Brazil)

I've got a dirt embankment I need to tear down; what's his hourly rate?


Ouch...LittleJuJu did that a couple of times and the end result was of course, carpet burn. He also used to rub his nose against the side of the Pack-n-Play and he had scabs on either side of his nose for weeks...



Jim, he'd most certainly work for peanut butter and jam.

Jim (of Brazil)

Damn! You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find peanut butter down here!


Looks like he is headed to middle management in the construction industry. They usually hire very young after a reorganization, get rid of all the high cost engineers.

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