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Monday, 29 May 2006



Too cute. WHat is it with men and their wenises?!? Ben's got the same love for his.


"Those that Decka could see were worthy of a brief arrest to our perambulation, 'Boobies!!'"

It never fails to amaze me how much is cute in kids that would get an adult slapped.


I'm surprised that Declan didn't try to eat any of the cones, icks, ocks or atts. The ick food group was a very big part of Max's diet until he was at least three. Especially atts. Apparently they're quite sweet.


Ah Tasha... the love affair never goes away.


Wow! Orange!


I believe "Boobies! Weet! Weet!" might just replace "Norman Brown!" as my go-to statement of the excellence of a thing. For example, when my second makes a great double take-out, instead of pointing at him and shouting, "Norman Brown!" in a strong Scottish Brogue, I'll simply punch my fist in the air and call out, "Boobies! Weet! Weet!"

Hmmm, maybe not.


"Boobies! Weet! Weet!" in a strong Scottish brogue would probably work out pretty well.... sort of like "Hoot! Awa'!"


Ah, to think we've misunderstood all along. You are, as it turns out, a great admirer of BIRDS.


...in a British, slangy sort of way...


It's so nice when they stop speaking Swahili and start speaking Lispuanian. At least then you can understand every third word. Only problem is that they get so very frustrated with you when you have no idea what 'fum' is.

the Mater

This is another essay to be printed, folded and put away and presented to Dec ... er, maybe at his bachelor party.

Very, very cute. You have an ear for Declarations.


Great entry to represent Declan's speech, and I'm sure it was hard figuring out how to spell some of those sounds (and suspect that you still aren't happy with some of them, because they just don't capture the actual sound made).

That was your first exposure to Mr. Noodle?


Mark, there are several inappropriate responses vying for the right to post in reply to your comment above, but suffice to say that, yes, that was my first exposure to Mr. Noodle.

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